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Casa Brina

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Casa Brina is the cultural home of the Bava family. A historic building in the center of the town of Cocconato, it looks out on the most classic Piedmont countryside and is a splendid example of the typical country house with courtyard.

The historic house has always been a venue for conventions and cultural, artistic and musical events: from art exhibitions to jazz concerts to International Seminars on Wine for Mass, which in the ’90s turned it into an international point of reference on the topic.

The roots

C u l t u r a l C e n t e r

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W i n e s o f L a n g h e a n d M o n f e r r a t o

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Casa Brina is also a label, under which the Bava family produces some experimental wines and special lots, embellished by the art of various maestros who, along with their works, are housed under the eighteenth-century vaults of the farmstead: very exclusive limited productions of refined taste and image.


C a n t i n e B a v a

The Bava family have been cultivating vineyards in this area since the 1600s, and in 1911 it was right here that they built their first wine cellars. More than one hundred wine harvests have come and gone since the Cocconato wine cellars began operating, and six generations of Bavas. Over time, the best Bava Barberas have forged a reputation for themselves in many countries, thanks to their superior quality.

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Tours of the Bava wine cellars

Discover our tour packages, including visits to the wine cellars and tastings of Bava and Cocchi wines. Personalized tastings can be arranged with advance notice.