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Y o u r h o l i d a y s i n M o n f e r r a t o

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T h e S u i t e s

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casa brina cascina

Casa Brina is a special destination for your vacation. For a romantic weekend or to njoy the splendid landscapes and gastronomic events of the Monferrato area. Our accommodations allow our guests full freedom and comfort in the heart of the medieval village of Cocconato.


T h e H i s t o r i c W i n e r i e s

Casa Brina, with its eighteenth-century wine cellars, is the perfect point of departure for a vacation dedicated to food and wine discoveries.

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cocconato centro

A unique and harmonious landscape that captivates the visitor with its culture, simplicity and elegance. A place that is synonymous with taste and wellbeing. The ancient town of Cocconato, the “Riviera” of Monferrato, preserves its medieval heart amidst vineyards, woods and gently rolling hills.


C o c c o n a t o a n d t h e M o n f e r r a t o a r e a

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